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School composition

How I spent my summer
An essay on the topic "How I spent summer", 7 - 8th grade

In June I was sent to the country to grandma's. Grandma living in the country almost all year round. There quite easy to reach that in winter that in summer. And at any time of the year.

Grandma loves to plant flowers and vegetables. We always help in this. Particularly pleased with the harvest and huge bouquets of flowers by the first of September.

To grandma we went with brother. We were not bored. The whole month we spent there was Sunny weather. Occasionally came the rain, but not long. Torrential. In the morning we went every day to the village for groceries by Bicycle. When he returned, he took the rods and went to the lake to fish. Grandma knew our fishing place and brought us to their signature croissants for snack and a jug of milk. Every day we grandmother spoiled the pancakes with condensed milk, pancakes with sour cream. The hot sandwiches with ham and grated cheese.And once cooked a delicious scrambled eggs with tomatoes that I forgot to leave my brother serving. But I'm not offended, but ate my chocolate bar.

After fishing we brought our catch home, and the grandmother cooked us dinner. Lunch we often missed. So went to the river to sunbathe and splash.

In the evening, after supper, we sat down in front of TV and watching our favorite quiz. Sometimes we excitedly guessed the answers, and sometimes sat quietly and watched with interest, whose team will win.

Sometimes I sit down all together to play bingo or chess. Our grandfather taught us to "walk" pawns and kings. It was very exciting.

Next month our parents caught us by surprise and took us to Italy. It was very interesting this trip and we rested there for the first three days. Then we got bored in the village. And I realized that no foreign country we don't need and we want to grandma. Yes, we went to the beach, we ate at a nice cafe, but we quickly got bored. This foreign holiday was not for us. Maybe when we grow up we change our decision, but we will only travel to the country to grandma's.

Parents are not annoyed with us, and supported. And we have now decided that the parents let them go overseas and we to the grandmother.

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