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School composition

Winter holidays
Finally came the winter, a beautiful time of year. And soon our school will begin their winter holidays. Snow this year has dropped a lot, which can not but rejoice, because it is already possible to ride a sled. We have behind the house there is a lake, and behind it there is a big hill where a lot of children and adults to skate down it on a sled. I and my friends are no exception, we are also there and ride. And I love to skate, I gave them to mom and dad. At least we have the lake, but I love going to the rink, there is ice on the road, and cafes nearby where you can eat and get warm.Especially where the skates are going to hire, as not all my friends they are.

Every winter we whole family go for a vacation at a ski resort. So come departure day, all run around the house and check whether they took with them everything necessary. Here begins my adventure. When we arrived at the bus station a long time looking for tickets, we started to think we forgot them at home, but they were in the mother's pouch, where it is always all sorts of things, so the tickets there and got lost. After we boarded the bus, we checked the tickets and finally we went. In the bus we drove for a very long time, I went in the morning and arrived late in the afternoon.Then we lived in our house, after a long journey everyone was tired so that to this day, no event was, except that we went to a cafe dinner. There dad bought us some candy and we went to sleep.

The next day after Breakfast we went to ski. People on the slopes were so many, all descended from the hills, who on skis, who is on a snowboard, and the little children sledding. And I liked to ski lift. In the afternoon, we went to the cafe for a bite to eat and a little warm, dad ordered a large pizza and milkshakes, it was very good. And went all day, and towards evening we began to play in the snow and made a snowman - it was very fun.

On the second day we all went on the tour with us was the guide who showed us and told us many interesting events from the history of these places. We also bought some Souvenirs from the locals that there was a memory about the trip. 

Here and pass my winter vacation.

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