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School composition

Winter fishing with dad
With the arrival of winter, I was waiting for the moment when I go with my dad ice fishing. Since December I watch the weather every morning and look out the window, hoping to see the thermometer at freezing temperatures. Winter in our city is not always severe usually severe frosts in mid-February. And so it happened that my father fishing we will go in February. Coincidentally, to go to class we don't need, the school announced quarantine. And it makes me very happy, because this moment I waited too long. Eagerly waited for dad's weekend, beforehand preparing their gear.

My father is an avid fisherman. Even when he was a boy, the same age as I am now, running to the river with a makeshift fishing rod. That instilled in me a love for fishing. And I think that there is nothing better than spending time with his dad for such a fun pastime.

After gathering my stuff we went to his car. To the pond we had to go a couple of hours, quite a long time. But the father said that the tedious way is minor compared to the pleasure that we get from fishing. After a few hours we were on the spot. From the trunk we pulled out my ice pick and a tackle box. A little after passing the snowy ice we stopped to naburili holes. This is a very complex exercise, it is necessary to exert maximum physical effort. Therefore, this work took my father. Fifteen minutes later, father made about ten holes in the area.Before fishing we went through all the holes in advance prokormil fish. Having done all of the procedures we have taken to the process. We are caught in kiwocol the bait, and the bait used of mosquito larvae, in common maggot. According to my father, this is one of the best baits for winter fishing. Leaning over his hole, we started fishing, and after a few minutes on my hook hung a small perch. After half an hour, around our holes lay two dozen perch. But it's a small fish and like to catch a large instance, for example pike.So decided to install imitation fish, and for bait use a small perch. Ten minutes later, imitation fish was installed, and we just had to wait, when triggered the device and show a red flag. Wait we do not have long. Worked first zherlitsa and I rushed to her to get the first pike. With some small effort, she was in my hands. Joy flooded through me, the smile never left my face. Then began the feeding period, each of us raced on the beach, eager to get the predator out of the hole.By the end of the fishing trip we were very tired, but at the same time got a lot of pleasure from the process of fishing for pike. And with happy faces lucky in their catch home.

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