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School composition

What a great winter season! Whirled, swept. The cold waters covered with ice. Numb birch in white Terry, glistening furry hats on the branches of pine trees dusted with sparkling snow cones Christmas trees. Around icy silence. Airspace becomes frosty and cold, and every person pinches cheeks winter frost, and snow-white layer of snow hid the ground. Winter atmosphere just captures its magic - all-around shimmering silver like Shine you see only in a fairy tale.

A special kind of Zimushka gives the cities in the warm season, these giants are not so wonderful. Whistling a Blizzard rushing through the streets, hiding in the alleys, piercing piercing needles of all live around. Snow has formed on land cover beautiful drifts that look like little gnomes - fairy. The winter sun is confused like in the hills, among the buildings, in some cases, wind blowing, flowing white dust.

In the forest at this time also a lot of fun. Now the snow is still shallow, in the woods everywhere to catch the eye of the footprints of animals, birds often land on the white cover in search of food. Squirrel manages to find beloved fruits for food, even when the drifts are very large, and on the edge of the forest in the elk eat willows. There are people who are in designated areas leave food for them is hay and salt. Animals are not afraid to approach, they know what awaits them delicious food.Raising the whole cloud of snow dust, the woods are worn boar, but the cunning Fox roams quietly, hoping to catch fresh meat. Mostly she catches rabbits and mice. The grouse, leaving the thickets, usually sits on a log and watching the environment, and also great pleasure in basking under the rare sunlight. Next to Napping in the den, the bear sucks his paw, and he certainly dreams of colorful dreams about the quick spring. In the winter forest you can barely hear the breeze touches the branches of trees, and it seems that winter Bor sing beautiful and interesting song.

Winter is still a time of festivities and joy. How many kids go outside to go sledding and ice skating! They rejoice, laugh, sculpt snowballs. I love winter because at this time is a holiday around the world - New year. It is always associated with fairy tale and magic. Hard to believe in such moments that all the wishes will come true, and the best is yet to come.

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