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School composition

Why do we need to learn?
Born into the world, we start to understand the world around us, as long as we are not able to speak, read, write, we all try to touch, we are attracted by colorful pictures, new toys. It takes quite some time and we have new interests, it's getting interesting conversations with peers, we learn more and more, and the world revolves around us in bright colors. It's time to study, to go to kindergarten, school, where we received the first practical skills in writing, reading, we are taught to believe.

Everyone should be able to read, write, count, as these knowledge and skills we need throughout life. It's not for nothing they say that it's hard to exercise - easy in battle. To education must for any person who wants to achieve something more in their lives.To learn it is a lot of work, but at the same time it is also very exciting, because not everyone has the opportunity to travel the world and see all the cultures and traditions that will help us in this geography, history, which can be written, in what part of the world located a country, what climate, what kind of fruit growing, vegetables, etc.Not everyone can be strong in math, solve complex equations, problems, but know the basic multiplication table, perhaps everyone needs, and solve simple examples of this knowledge are essential in everyday life, when we go to the market and shops.We live in a time in which the computer is indispensable in almost all enterprises, which employ our parents and perhaps we too, someday will be there to work, the computer at home now have virtually everyone, but if we will use it only as a toy, we don't get practical skills, and this will help us Informatics. At first glance many, this may seem not interesting and not necessary, but how can that be?There we will learn to create tables, write emails, create documents, and if your future job will be connected with Finance, economy, the knowledge you actually will need.

On choosing your profession, you need to think as early as possible, and it is good to think about it, because it will be for life. And many people search their whole life is dedicated to teaching, because if the person is diversified, it is interesting to others, and he can teach. You need to learn, because the learning is light and ignorance is darkness.

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