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School composition

Who was Narcissus?
When a small child asks the mother, who is a narcissist, we usually say that the so-called man's narcissistic and selfish. Speaking about that image, we always see before us a negative character. Of course it can be completely harmless, but not always. Admiring its beauty and perfection, daffodils are not able to appreciate the dignity of other people. What would happen if such a person is in power? Likely to be dealt a lot of damage to people. Unlikely to run the necessary rules to maintain the landscaping of the common man.

Nowadays, many people are familiar with this concept, but not everyone knows from where it came from. The story originates in Greek mythology. Narcissus was the son of a nymph and a river God. One day the young man went out hunting and came upon a Creek with freezing cold water. He really wanted to drink and he approached the shore. The water there was very clean and clear. Were clearly visible, covered with small grains of sand the bottom. Narcissus bent over a stream and stopped for a moment. In the mirror of the crystal water he saw his reflection. While on earth there was no mirror and this young man could not see himself. This time was the first.The guy admired her beauty, delicate facial features, hair, nicely developing head. It's just enchanted the young man. Like getting under a strong spell, Narcissus could not tear himself away from his reflection. Now he began to understand why many women sought his attention and love. He has never been in love.

In one day Narcissus fell in love with the nymph Echo. She was ready for him. But he easily rejected her feelings. This nymph has dried completely and it was only the voice. She was the only victim of the beauty of Narcissus. All in love with him, asked for justice, the goddess Nemesida. She listened to their prayers. It Nemesida at the behest of Narcissus were about that brook. Once upon a time the prophet Tiresias told the parents of the kid that he can live a long life only if I never see your reflection. Now Narcissus could not move away from the water.He was kissing his reflection on the mirror of the brook, was making out with him. The guy didn't eat or drink since that time. It is as if bewitched, staring into the stream and lovingly looked at myself. Of course this has led to the deaths of young men. But his body was never found. In the place where he bowed his head over the stream, grew a wondrous white and fragrant flower, which now bore the name of the guy.

Here is a legend told the world about a narcissistic young man named Narcissus.

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