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School composition

Wherever I wanted to go in the summer and why?
In the summer I would like to go to the village to grandma and grandpa. Unfortunately, my dream come true just not meant to be. Favorite and closest people to me died a year ago. But I remember and will never forget. My memories will never leave the consciousness. 

My grandmother lived at a distance of a hundred kilometers from my home. With all the desire of parents could not carry me there on a weekend, but all the vacations and holidays, I spent it here. Once father took a trip to the sea, so I did not go - a better village there is nothing for me.

Well, is it possible to exchange the pure and native country air of the sea? The mother said that the sea air on their own are useful, but never persuaded my preferences.

Relax in the countryside -what could be better? I have a lot I just gave away again to go get grandma and grandpa in the yard, to give them a hug and kiss! We were so happy together!Every day in the village begins early. Grandma drove to pasture the cows, fed the chickens and ducks. Then Wake me and we walked together in the garden weeding the beds or tearing up the grass. I want to say that I didn't really like this lesson, and now I'm so just not enough.

In the ground we were digging almost to the dinner. Then ate, grandma went to milk the cow, and I lay down to rest. How nice to come in from the hot street into the house, where the summers are cool and comfortable. 

After lunch, the boys always went swimming in the river. It's big and bright. The river is an easy and cool, but she just didn't want to go in. Along the banks grows a coniferous forest. You have no idea what a beautiful sight. The only thing I'm scared of is ticks. But, thank God, in the village I never saw.

I like that in the village you can play anywhere. Here goes a few machines, so there is nothing to fear. Here all each other know and love as a family. If someone needs help, almost the whole village will come and help you. Summer arrives many children in the village to visit their relatives. We are all very friendly, and every time looking forward to holidays to see.

Alas, I have only some memories, but they are very nice and warm. I beg mom to go to the village just a walk. I really want to breathe the air, admire nature, and of course, to visit my grandparents, but to the cemetery. I understand that do not return, but with a smile on my face I remember the days when I had the opportunity to relax in the village at any time of the year.

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