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School composition

When my grandmother was in school
An essay on the topic "When my grandmother went to school", 6-th class

My grandmother was born in 1939. In school she was only at the end of the war with the Nazis. She lived then in a rural area with his mother and two sisters. Her father returned home only a year, as he participated in the reconstruction of the country. All were glad to have him back and began also to raise the ruined and deserted farm.

In August visiting his house the village teacher Anna Vladimirovna. She went around all the yards and looked for school-age children. My great-grandmother was already preparing my grandmother in the school, because in these times of peace. The problem was only, what to wear, future student. The country has risen from the ashes and was having a hard time. Life was hungry and cold. Great-grandmother and her husband for days worked on the farm and all the household chores were assigned to the children. But the study was needed and the first of September 1945, my grandmother still went to school.It somehow dressed and was sent to study in first class.

The school at that time was built of logs and was located near a small Church. A few kids came to the place of education and they kindly met Anna. She even shed a few tears of joy that began the new school year. She built the kids and they system took place in the last class. There was a huge Russian stove and rows of wooden desks. On the wall hung a homemade Board covered with rubber. Beside it lay a few pieces of plaster, and a wet rag. The plaster was designed to replace chalk.With its help, the teacher has sent greetings to the children in connection with the beginning of the school year.

Needless to say that in that difficult time did not have textbooks and notebooks. Only a few books left Anna Vladimirovna. Learn to write my grandmother had on scraps of paper. Then wrote with ink and fountain pen. But that luxury was gone. Had to withdraw the first letter of pencils, which are also not all were. So the children shared them and wrote in turn. Despite all these difficulties, the children were happy to go to your favorite class. The weather was slushy and everyone was soaking wet, worn shoes. It dried near the stove, but when I went back home, she was soaking wet again.It's all my grandma will remember for my whole subsequent life.

In such difficult circumstances, my grandmother started his training in the basics of knowledge. And although it's been a long, long time, she remembers everything with a smile and joy.

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