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School composition

What is the power of music
An essay on the topic "what is the power of music", 6th grade

I often wonder: what is music? Definition of the word to give is not easy. Our organs of hearing, simple and familiar catch everything occurring around us sounds. Sounds are played everywhere: TVs, headphones, powerful speakers, radio, various machines and devices. But the most pleasant to us the sounds that you call music.

What is so attractive about music? Why our friend touches those moments that are in tune with the song, a popular old rhythm or melody? Why is the music so strongly influences us? Why it helps to walk freely through life and gives hope for the future? How can ordinary combinations of sounds to make our work easier, and the suffering more bearable? Why music is able to guide people to great deeds and causes dreams? Indeed, when you work and mutter something under his breath, the work seems much easier and more enjoyable.A long way becomes shorter while listening to your favorite songs and melodies. Any film on the screen is necessarily accompanied by music. With the help of her audience perceive the characters and make them their opinion, even the meaning of the events becomes more intelligible.

Music is able to every person to access previously inaccessible to him the magical world. Gentle sounds evoke peace and tranquility, making even the evil of the individual is more sensitive. Anxiety and even fear, can cause severe hearing and feeling the music. For example, this fear can be caused by a special low frequency installations military. Even in these unpleasant moments can be used, it would seem, good sounds. The music evokes a variety of emotions without which our life would gray and fun. Therefore, without tunes, we are nowhere.

The power of music that it can produce in us different feelings. It can make the listener to experience, to see good, to think and to contemplate. Melody charges us with energy, it discharges the tension and support in difficult times. It can give a festive state, and even euphoria. So we try to listen to music every day. Have you tried to turn off all noisy devices? The first few minutes you will relax and enjoy the silence, but after a while your existence will be painful.And all because the music carries love, hope and strength, so necessary to us every day.

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