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School composition

What is snow?
What is snow? This question brings to mind cold winter and loud solo blizzards. Remember the snowflakes that slowly fall on the palm of his hand, falling out of nowhere. It seems that some kind of sorceress deliberately scatters the clouds these unusual crystals. Her. apparently, too, want to enjoy the beauty of a flying feather of water that are so incredibly otvlekaut to sunlight. Snowflake lead your winter dance and bring the kids too to join in this celebration. It is simply impossible to sit at home during a snowfall. Plush carpet falls to the ground, covering all the rough edges and leaves.If you hold a hand, immediately will be able to feel light and soft, new-fallen snow.

The duvet in the morning will become more dense and hard. Sunlight will reflect some cinemacast snow drifts. In the light of dawn, the whole earth is periodically flashes a bright iskrennimi of snow crystals. If you step on it, you hear a light crunch. You can now tread paths in any place you want. Frozen birds fluffed their feathers and pecking quietly laid in the trough, grains.

Right now, the snow acquires a certain stickiness and can sculpt anything. My friends and I adore playing snowballs. Under our attack sometimes fall and adults. But they are absolutely not mad at us - on the contrary: I started to play with us and spoil like children. In such moments it is very fun and funny. We try to immediately involve the parents to create a snow woman. This activity we all like, and not bored in the house. Usually our women will be very funny and large. But, if you show a little imagination, you can give it a special shape.While the snow keeps its shape, this marvelous sculpture is emblazoned on our yard.

Gradually, the snow becomes very hard, like a stone and it is just not possible to make them work. In this period very good sledding and skiing. Sometimes we even get a stadium, an ice rink and you can practice in figure skating. And how fun to slide downhill! The wind just whistles around you! Every child knows that it's the best time to time as the ice allows you to race close to the speed of the car - and who wouldn't like it?

In General, it should be noted that any snow condition - perfect in its own way and brings a lot of unforgettable experiences. Winter - a great time!

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