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School composition

What I want to be (police officer)
Any inhabitant of the earth sooner or later is faced with the choice of profession. Think about it and dream students from the elementary school. To pick it should be, according to your own individual preferences and desires. Without exception, all of the specialty in the world are considered essential and necessary. Production can not do without a leader, but the role of the worker in this case is essential. We need experts such as Baker and welder. It is impossible to imagine life without health care workers and cooks.Service of household services requires professions such as builders, plumbers. Any area of existence requires the presence of competent experts which make the world easier and more fun. Personally, I want to be a COP.

A police officer is a very difficult specialty. To be a guardian of order is a purpose, and to such a degree should be treated with the utmost seriousness. Man this kind of activity must have the bravery, courage, truth and good logic. Without exception, the police have excellent physiological characteristics. Those who did not pass the control, in any case can not be a COP, for this reason, it is important that the person has been the right way of life.Many police are trained at the expense of the country, and this is true, because the state needs a bold society, people who are willing to defend their country, and will protect her not only externally but also internally. And to protect people need enemies. The goal of the employee - how can you rapidly find the attacker and punish him. Many people wonder about why the guard must possess excellent logic?The answer is quite simple and banal - in order to find the offender, sometimes, you should be able to unite among themselves all without exception discovered evidence support logic could attack a police officer on the trail of a criminal. Many claim that the police must remain cautious, because a large number of atrocities beside him ruthless, and the individual with unsettled nervous system can go crazy. Despite this, and the fact that many people do not like professionals of this profession, I consider them real heroes.Not everyone can, risking his own life to rush in all heavy for the good of the homeland and its people.

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