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School composition

What I want to be in the future (Journalist)
All are good, choose on taste, so we says one old saying. In early childhood, when my parents gave me a set of doctors, I imagined myself a doctor, and treating all your Pets. When I went to the first class of new interests, and "work" of the doctor has faded into the background, I wanted to be a teacher, because he knows so much, I thought, but it seemed boring to me in the future.

And now, approaching the time when I have to make the right decision about their future profession. You need to reveal all their abilities and talents. To approach this choice very consciously, because the work should bring not only material wealth, but also to bring the pleasure of what I want to do. I believe that the profession needs to be useful to society. Every day spent at work was a joy, and not to sit and count the hours when to end the working week.

Since I am by nature not a very diligent person, I am attracted to is always something new and unknown, I love meeting new friends and just chat with interesting people, I love to read fiction and not just in school to write essays, presenting on various topics, I made a choice in favor of the profession of journalist.I like this profession very much, journalists are very often and travel a lot, this work is not monotonous and monotonous, every day there are new events and they are the first to know about it, and tell other people, because television, the Internet is everything. I believe that this profession is very necessary. We all learn about what is happening in the world through our media. I believe that the journalist must be a very responsible person, and to carry out all orders of his superiors.People to communicate only truthful and accurate information, this is very important and is incorrect, not truthful information can break a person's life, there are lots of Newspapers which write lots of lies, television is not always exemplary. There are television programs that are only on the rumors gaining the rating of your channel, I think this is not correct. And later really wish I had my own personal program. I don't know yet what it will be, but I hope it will be useful and informative for all ages of the audience.

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