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School composition

What I want to be in the future
All children go through the period when you start to think about your future. A future life is impossible without choosing a specific profession.

Today to say exactly what profession I choose, I can't. It is that I like several types of work about which I'll tell you.

The most interesting work for me is a doctor. But I don't want to think about dentistry or surgery. I'm thinking of becoming an oncologist. Here many will ask, why such a narrow discipline appeals to me. The thing is that my mom was once sick with a dreadful disease, she had cancer. The doctor who conducted it is a very good and wise woman who cured and saved my mother. I will always be grateful to her.

I've been in the hospital when mom was treated. This is truly a profession that should be respected. In the Department there are really people who are dying and the doctor needs to pick up the hard words of encouragement, finding a smile for everyone. But the important thing is, how many people these doctors have saved. These people can live a full life, and the disease will no longer affect their daily life.

The second profession that attracts me is the profession of the criminologist. A peculiar choice, I agree. This work is very rigorous and requires knowledge of the subject, attentiveness and accuracy of the responses. It was on forensic experts rely all police units, which depend on the course of the investigation. Undoubtedly, this profession is impossible without hard work and perseverance.

And finally attracts me to a profession managing a helicopter. All of my thoughts perhaps this is the most daring. To control the helicopter should only be a professional. For me, pilots are unique people who are able to keep in the air, a huge machine made of metal. I would like to learn everything that they can. I understand that most likely, this dream will remain unfulfilled, because in order to obtain a certificate of control of the helicopter need not only knowledge, experience, but also a lot of money.

I don't know what made me life, but the choices I have. You need to strive to achieve their ideas. Even if I'm wasting my fascination with these professions, I would choose something equally interesting and exciting. After all, in life you can learn not only one craft, and combine two or several. The rest can be just a hobby. I think my thoughts will become reality.

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