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School composition

What I love about my school
I guess every parent tries to give their child to the best school. Carefully selects teachers, its location, grade, etc., so I want to tell about their school, about how I love her.

My name is Ksenia, I'm in 6 class of school №132.

My school is very beautiful. She is painted in beige and white colors, has a large porch with stairs. And around there are a lot of trees, bushes and beautiful flowers. Every summer we make various figures out of plastic bottles and decorate our yard, and the boys in the classroom, was making wooden benches which fit in the school courtyard.

Our school is a high three storey, our office is located on the third floor. His room is No. 32. All rooms clean, bright and very comfortable.

On the second floor, we located a lively area. There's a lot of plants and different animals such as parrots and Canaries, turtles and fishes, hamsters and pet rabbits. We love spending all my free time with them, feed them and play with them for us a real pleasure. And next to this Cabinet is a school Museum. Here you can find a miniature layout of our school, to see what she was like in the early days. Now it is already quite different, but no less beautiful. You can also meet our pioneers - the first teachers.

And on the first floor we have located the leader Board, what we have here are portraits of the best students and teachers, you can also explore our services, we have a lot of Diplomas and letters of thanks. 

Our Director, Viktor K. – very good, objective, fair and sympathetic person. This is our second dad. He worried about all of us no less than for native children. And he calls us all his children, we, of course, very nice.

The school has very good and highly qualified teachers. We love them very much. Our class teacher name is Natalia Ivanovna. She us like a second mother, always listen us and give good advice. Sometimes, even home do not want to leave!

We still have the school runs a lot of events. I especially love, school dances and sporting events. We play sports, football, basketball, arrange a tea party with lots of sweets, dance and hold contests. And our school cook we kind of help, they have the best, prepare delicious. Every day, indulge us with something new.

I love my class, love all my classmates. We are all very friendly, we never get bored. Offense we also no give. The boys always stood up for the girls. All help each other with homework, tests. 

That is why I love my school and every day happy to go for new knowledge. I am very happy that my parents chose for me this school.

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