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School composition

What deeds made Hercules?
I really like the story of the journey of Hercules. They are filled with fantastic and heroic events. I think every child would like for a moment to be in the world of the hero and help him to fight the good fight. Ancient Greece gave the world stories about the greatest of heroes, Hercules. Desiring to become immortal, he had to make twelve hard labors. It was not easy, but our hero had superhuman strength, sharp mind, extraordinary courage and bravery. In General, this task was under the power of Hercules.

He had to carry out orders of cunning and weak in spirit king Doesn who really wanted to solve all their problems by proxy. Heracles had to fight with the most terrible and unpredictable monsters of the edges. Here he was in the lair of giant Nemean lion. This animal was inspired by a terrible fear in all the inhabitants, he plundered pastures and fields. Hercules was able to fight him and win. Not an exception and the lernaean Hydra. She was a snake, which grew nine heads of the dragon. Our hero had won her with his well-aimed arrows. Not less striking was the battle with the stymphalian birds. They had sharp bronze feathers, which were used as arrows for the destruction of local residents. But in this case Hercules, too, was able to win.

For that would not come from Hercules, victory was in his manly hands and strong. He did not get tired to fight for justice and happiness in the life of the poor, who suffered from various ills. This hero was always happy to see. The people he was blagodarstvuju for the rescue and were ready to give the last, but Hercules not to become conceited and went on to travel the world in search of exploits. The job of the king Doesn each time becoming more difficult and dangerous. He sent Hercules to anywhere in the Kingdom without azrene conscience.Once again our hero gets his hardest assignment - to catch karanassou DOE, to bring the mythical horses of Diomedes, to find and deliver the Cretan bull. King played the life of Hercules and sent him then left, then right. He wanted to perform all the most cherished and reckless desire. In fact, it was not absolutely necessary in the preparation of such trophies, but Eurystheus was acting like a little boy who capriciously demands a new toy.

A huge number of roads were covered by Hercules in achieving this goal. Thanks to its nature and the power of the spirit, he won in all cases.

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