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School composition

We often hear the word – good, but rarely think what it means. Personally for me it is synonymous with love. I believe that good exists in every human being, and you need to be able to show it in ourselves, the more we radiate it, luchezarnoe and more colorful the world will be. After all, where in the hearts of the people have good lives, peace, harmony and joy.

How are we to exercise it? There are a lot of ways, for example to translate the grandmother across the street, to give a small child a ball or feed the homeless. We must be kind first to yourself, and treat others as you wish others treat us, because the Bible teaches so we are commanded by the Lord.

Kindness can manifest itself not only in relation to myself and others, also we should not forget about our smaller brothers, and neighbors on this planet – animals. After all, they too deserve respect and affection. They are weaker than us and need protection.

Each person needs to answer the good of our planet Earth because this is our home. We need to learn to not pollute the environment, because purely not where clean and where don't litter. And then the Earth too will answer us good, it will give us clean air, beautiful nature and the opportunity to stay longer in this world.

If man is by nature good, he is always smiling, his eyes lit up longer and want to communicate with such a person, I want to get his kindness. So I don't want to believe those who loudly shouts – is no good. I don't agree with this, it is and will be while we are alive, and we will not let him die. Children need from an early age to teach to enjoy life and do good around children are the future.

I consider myself kind and open to all, I believe in myself and that you can change the world for the better. My dream is that no one in the world knew what grief and tears to all the people rejoiced and smiled. I have a lot of love and kindness, and I'm ready to share with every person, I'm ready to turn this into an epidemic that will infect all people with kindness and mercy. No one should remain indifferent, we're all in the same conditions, and we need to help each other. And if we stick to these principles, good will conquer evil and the whole universe will be filled with happiness.

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