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School composition

The Worlds Of Jonathan Swift
The famous "Gulliver's travels" may deservedly be considered as one of the first English fantasy novels. The magical worlds described by the author is beautiful and inhabited by unknown creatures. Four travel made the main character Gulliver, and every time he got into a new amazing story.

However, if we leave aside the unusual appearance and peer into the daily living conditions that people live in these magical worlds, it is easy to see that this life is a little different from the one lived in England in those days. The same confrontation between high society and ordinary people, the same quarrels between the neighboring countries, the same struggle for power. Let the cause of all this at first glance seem completely insignificant, as, for example, the problem with the height of heels, or a party with which to break the egg.However, we see that for the inhabitants of fairyland these questions were so serious that serve as a legal basis for a Declaration of war or internal dissension. The reader involuntarily wonders and do not show whether the same funny and absurd things that lived in England in the time of swift, some sort of Gulliver from another world, if he fell to us?

The main purpose of his novel swift has not set description created fantastic worlds. As if in a distorting mirror it has reflected in it all the weaknesses which he saw around him. Do not forget that in addition to writing books, Jonathan swift was also a prominent public figure, was adopted at court, and the problems, described them in the book, knew firsthand.

His book, the author wanted to show, first, how far from the ideal life in England. Swift pokes fun at its claim to world dominance, internal disputes and quarrels with neighbors. Shows how to come to power, those whose greatest skill is the ability to jump high on the rope, and not those who are hard-working, honest and loves his country.

The hero of the novel Gulliver difficult lives filled with incredible adventures, however, he again returns home. Appearing in all new magical worlds and getting in amazing stories, yet he always keeps a critical eye on things and looking for a way to return home. At the end of his travels-traveled and have experienced so many Gulliver concludes that the real heroes can be only those who have dedicated their lives to fighting tyranny. The author saw the root of all evil, however, failed to offer a way of defeating lust for power and appetite for violence.

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