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School composition

The winter is beautiful
The coldest time of the year is winter. Come biting frosts, strong, snowy blizzards. After yesterday's snow, all the trees wrapped in a white robe, and on the sky there is no dark cloud in sight. Winter is one of the favorite seasons of many people. After all, these three months are the most beloved holidays: St. Nicholas day, new year, Christmas, old new year and of course the Valentine's holiday. In this period, the special smell of winter freshness and tangerines.

Winter weather is very beautiful. All standing in the street wrapped in a blanket of snow on the roofs icicles hang, and from the sky gently down the little snowflakes. Winter nature stood still, as if waiting for spring warmth. Winter brings joy and good mood in every home. Especially waiting for her kids. Out on the street to drive on a sled, skis or skates, polepit snowman or just leave the snowballs. Winter bewitches all their patterns on the glass. Snow lying underfoot like millions of diamonds illuminate all around. But with the coming of darkness all poured lots of bright colors.See the bright Christmas lights, flashing in every window. Night, winter sky and special perfectly. The stars take turns to light up like little flashlights, illuminating all the way. Looking around, you know what the beauty of winter nature. When you're on the street and goes fluffy snow, can you imagine what it's like you were in a winter Wonderland and you don't want her to come back. In the morning we are pleased with the winter bird - bullfinch and titmouse flying in for lunch.

Very soon will come our favorite New Year holiday. Starts holiday rush. All the Christmas mood. A stored fragrant tangerines, buy sweets and food for the festive table. And the most important thing is to buy a Christmas tree. You need to choose the lush forest beauty. Glass balls of different sizes and shapes, Christmas tinsel will be an excellent decoration for it. The new year is a magic holiday that brings all a lot of gifts. The children are preparing to meet Santa Claus and snow maiden. Learning a variety of rhymes to please the long-awaited guests.And parents are preparing a fancy dress, to meet guests.

Winter gives us lots of fun and good mood. Despite that it is very cold outside, you can spend more time with his family, radiating its heat to them. And let's not forget that winter is not eternal, and spring will come soon.

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