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School composition

The view from my room
I live with my parents in a big city. We have a two bedroom apartment, but my room is the bright, warm and cozy. It's all good - there are flowers, curtains, chandelier, baby bed. Of course, it's standard stuff, but most of all I was lucky with the view from the window. Every day I admire the beauty of our city Park. You yourself can not imagine how it is beautiful and mysterious!

In addition, in our Park flows a small river, the murmur of which I hear in the morning. As soon as I Wake up, opening the curtains, immediately can see all the beauty of Russian nature. Depending on what the weather outside the window, nature in the Park is calm, then foggy, then sad, then funny. But in any case, this is always the best. Stunning river in the Park shimmers with different colors. This is all due to the fact that around her grow bright flowers, and in autumn in the river reflects the trees that are covered by yellow and red leaves.Coastal vegetation is so clearly reflected in the water, it seems that it is there and growing. And even when there is a rain, it does not spoil this beauty. Most of all I love to see the Park in winter. At this time the trees are covered with silver, the river freezes, but it is so clean and clear that under the layer of ice, you can see the river bottom. Even though they say that in winter the fish are sleeping, but in the early time of the day you can see some of them floating in the water.

In the spring the Park is just amazing. When it starts to melt the water in the river, the trees appear buds that by the end of this time of year turn into beautiful flowers and leaves. In the evening hours the Park outside my window is particularly mysterious. Along the river between the trees are lanterns, and their light, the river seems magical. The impression that you find any unusual tale from which not want to leave. I spend hours watching this phenomenon from his window.

One evening I saw in the Park was walking an elderly woman. Suddenly she fell, and I got very scared. I called mom, she ran out and helped the woman up. It turned out that she became ill. 

So the view from the window means a lot, you can even at any moment to help the person. We recently had a situation where the parents wanted to change the apartment, so there were circumstances. But thank God we still live here, because this view is no longer available anywhere else. My own room is most precious to me!

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