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School composition

The tree in my yard
In our small town there are a huge number of trees. They grow in parks, slowly weaving in a luxurious parkas and thick fishing line. Hard really to imagine that green at all there somewhere! We inhale the aroma of blooming pine trees and chestnuts in early childhood and can't imagine my life without this luxury. Yes, you should tell the truth, sometimes, puzzled by their everyday problems we run past, to hang your long earrings, birch and don't even notice her natural beauty. It is.But when you stop for a second and I look down over your head the branches of trees, imbued with love and admiration for his native land. These trees have grown with us and are likely to grow together with our children. They symbolize the beginning of the dawn of our city.

But a special place should take huge oaks standing in the centre on the main square. When going to clear a site for new construction of house of culture, did not dare to cut down these two old brothers who had their roots deep braslis in the history of the city. How much have they seen?! These oaks were able to survive the Second World War. They raised a generation of residents and under their huge branches had lulled more than one baby, enjoying the shade and grace.Of course, the essay should be worth talking about only one tree, but how can we remain silent about these two great oaks, which took pride of place in the city centre?

The crown of these trees is simply immense and it can be embraced only with someone together. They grow very close and their branches have long been closely intertwined in the huge tangle of greenery. They are like two siblings, supporting each other and not allowed to fall under strong wind gusts. In battle, they were comrades, closing the rear of each other. And now the oaks as the two elders who peacefully and patiently contemplate what is happening around them. The rustle of leaves spurts spreads around. They look especially charming in summer when the huge fluffy mane greenery flutters in the wind.Although in winter the oak trees are striking in their grandeur. Their powerful and large bare branches, as the muscles of the heroes that attract the eye. At this time of year we are able to see the power and the towering height of these living monuments of history.

So I want to preserve this beauty for future generations, so that they can feel all the mystery of these oak trees!

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