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School composition

The snowstorm in the novel by Alexander Pushkin
6th grade. An essay on the topic "Blizzard in A. S. Pushkin's story".

What role in a person's life can play a case? He is able to present any of us and what will turn? In fact, sometimes it is the case can dramatically change the course of destiny and even the smallest episode in life can become a point of departure in the future.
That question bothered and Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. In his mind often pop up idea is predefined whether the fate of man and is it possible to change something in it. These reflections prompted in him a desire to write his novel "the Blizzard". He once again tried to improvise with the lives of his characters.
The protagonists of the story began, a simple provincial girl named Marya Gavrilovna and the poor ensign Vladimir. Between these ordinary people had the divine power of love. They were bound to each other by strong ties of mutual feelings.
But, as usual, in the way lovers are having a problem. Unfortunately, the parents of the main characters didn't want to admit the relationship of their children. They adamantly were against their Union. But they decide not to give up and run away from home. The pair set a goal, whatever it takes to get married, even if we have to do it secretly. For the ceremony everything was ready. But then began a strong snowstorm. Fate decided to play a surprise. The groom was in the field where the snow had confused his way. Instead, the Church came to the wanderer. The case of fate, he became the husband of Marya Gavrilovna.
In this story the Blizzard played havoc, she became the personification of evil and messed up all the plans in the lives of the protagonists. This violent intervention in the fate of the people led to the tragic events. Broken-hearted Vladimir was killed in battle in the war. But the fate of the young girl was no less unpleasant, because having an official wife, she can no longer marry for love. But this man she doesn't know - he's a stranger to her. A joke of destiny cruelly just polosnuli sharp blade on the lives of the poor lovers. It has become a black mark on a bright future of young people.
But this was not the end of the story. Fate has decided once again to play with the main characters. On the way Marya Gavrilovna was found Burman. They suddenly loved each other, but the stumbling block was their past. Young people thought that their sharing happiness is simply impossible. But then, deciding to share with each other their grief, they suddenly realized that those poor who mistakenly get married then, during a severe snowstorm, were they.
So games of fate were able to bring the roads are totally different people and bring them happiness.

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