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School composition

The room my friend
I have a friend, his name is roly. Together, we are inseparable since the first grade - so we have a strong friendship. He's a really reliable friend on whom you can always rely on in a difficult situation. With him I fear nothing. Roly bold, intelligent and courageous. 

Vanino parents are travellers, they are very often not at home. Friend lives with his grandmother. When I first came to visit him, I was struck by the room mate. This order I have not seen anywhere else. And still there are so many interesting things opened up for me.

The room my friend just breathes history around the world. I did not think that his parents visited so many important places. On the trellis in the room you can even see the statue from Africa. I won't say that the room Vani made in one particular style. No. It seems that all the interior styles are present in this room. The parents of my friend are the real inventors, the fantasy they have developed clearly. Vanya says that she helped her mother to decorate the room.

In the bedroom my friend's large and bright window. Due to its size, it makes the room even more brighter and cozier. Curtain that barely hides the light has a milky appearance. It is sewn from a special, very fine yarn and has a beautiful figure. This piece of art dad brought Vanya from India.

In the right corner is a small sofa. I think its design is made in the Greek style. Its beauty is simply mesmerizing! I didn't think it was possible to see such beautiful furniture my friend. Beside the couch stands a beautiful wardrobe of small size. Tree it has a slightly brownish tint, and very well complements the color scheme of the curtains. A Desk that looks more like the stump of a tree, standing near the window. As it explained to me by a friend, it's a rarity that my parents brought from Egypt.

On the table is the lamp is bizarre - it is more like a statue. Honestly, I don't know where it is located bulb. In the left side of the room, other you can see a whole lot of straw, wood and other pieces, large size. They are the perfect complement to the interior. And in the left corner cozy is a large shelf filled with books. A lot of them here. Books are read not only Vanino parents, but himself.

The room my buddy is very cozy, interesting and bright. There is nothing extra that can produce a bad impression. I love it here.

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