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School composition

The cinema of my city
Essay for grade 6 on the theme "the Cinema of my city"

In my hometown a lot of different theaters. But most of all the children attracts the attention of the cinema "Central". Named it in honor of the fact that he arranged his body in the center of town. It is often repaired and it now looks presentable and like a charm. White walls with moldings, wide doors and a peaked roof of this building are visible from afar, as if saying: "Come to us".

Approaching the cinema. Above the entrance hangs a large size sign with neon letters - "Central". On the sides of the door leaf is located on the Billboard with upcoming viewings and anyone can choose a favorite movie. Even at night you can make the right choice, because glass with movie titles highlighted by strong lights. Pass by and come into a huge hall first floor. To the right stretches the cash for the sale of tickets. Every one of them posted placards indicating the upcoming session, which is very convenient. Immediately come to the window with the desired film and session, buy tickets and pass on. On the left side, the impressive size of the wall, adorn photos of famous our and foreign actors and Actresses. Then, at the kiosk, you can purchase them miniature photos and a great big posters movie posters.

Opposite the main entrance of the projection room two: red and blue. We have tickets in the blue room. We go there see the decoration of the viewing room. The design is made in a simple blue paint. The rows of seats trimmed in blue material on top of the towering blue ceiling, even the walls are painted with blue paint. Underfoot feels soft track. In the hall is cool and comfortable. With friends went to the red room. There, too, it impresses with its décor, but done in red color. Comfortably settled on the soft seats and a few minutes of watching hilarious Comedy. Time flies by very quickly.At the weekend the door panel lights up that says "Session ended" and we all left the room with the white screen.

Our fun is not over yet. After the movie go down a steep staircase to the second floor and get into the puppet theatre. The walls are decorated with characters from fairy tales, on the shelves are arranged different dolls from the performances. With interest stare at them and even take up. Direct them hard and all laughing at each other. After the show we descended back to the bar thirsty. Going to the cinema "Central" was over.

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