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School composition

The breath of autumn (writing-description)
Gone unnoticed by the guest a fun, warm summer, festive fall, tranquil pace comes into their possession. While still warm day warm sun and pleasing farewell days of summer "Indian summer", but in the morning already noticeably colder, and the trees gradually dress up in bright autumn outfit, the green grass yellowing in the eyes, losing summer colors. 

After a hard summer of work, rest gardens and fields, and people gathered their harvest and the earth happily resting, gathering strength until the next spring.

Autumn reminds himself small, sad rain, the trees stand thoughtfully in your colorful outfit, especially emphasizes the beauty of the autumn trees in a mixed forest, what a wonderful combination of evergreen spruce and pine, this beautiful combination can be seen only in autumn. Looking at losing the leaves of the trees they seem to think sadly that they are waiting for a cold winter, and soon they will be covered with white, cold snow, and above them whirl winds and blizzards. A flock of cranes with a farewell scream away into the distance, saying goodbye to their homes until the spring, they face a long journey and a difficult dangerous mission.

In autumn a forest full of mushrooms and other fungi. These mushrooms are one of the joys of autumn, mushrooms located in old stumps and around them, through the woods to go mushroom pickers and collect these mushrooms. Perhaps very soon, a lot of these tasty mushrooms will replenish winter stocks caring hostesses.

Autumn — a sad time of parting with summer is the time of thoughts and reflection. Autumn is the time to think about the rapidity of events, it is only that it was a warm summer and fun days, you can enjoy warm sun, to swim and sunbathe, but summer is left only pleasant memories and for a fun summer shift, came a tearful fall.

About the beauty of autumn, written a lot of paintings and many poems, poets, and artists love this time of year, singing the praises of autumn. This is a great and sad time of the year appears to us as beautiful, but at the same time, the capricious beauty. I think each season has its own unique beauty, so autumn can be love for the beauty and bounty of nature.

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