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School composition

The book of my life
Book the power and the spirit of humanity. It appeared a long time ago, and to this day, people give reading a special meaning and character.

For me, the book is a source of knowledge. I am a student in grade 6, and without information just can't learn. No wonder the school has textbooks which can solve the task to read the various stories. Each book is a repository of specific information.

Books on the history of the country talk about past years, about the time when even no one could not think about normal civilization. And it's so interesting to learn about the lives of their ancestors.

When for the first time in history we studied the life of ancient man, I listened to the story of the teacher seriously and carefully. The thing is that my great-grandfather was an archaeologist, about his finds very many people know. One day he found the remains of dinosaur bones. It's true. Me at the time was not, but my father told me about many of the achievements of his great-grandfather. He kept his personal diary, where he described every trip and wrote about the findings. Agree, the notebook is not a book, but also provides the attention of people a lot of information. In notebooks write personally, and literature type.

The advent of printing led to the emergence of libraries. Books after time has varied, but their meaning remained the same - to convey to the readers a lot of useful information.

Books should be treated carefully and gently. I can't look at the textbooks my classmate If. They had torn, scribbled and do not have covers. How many times we were arguing about this, but neglect other textbooks cannot change. I think even his parents did not teach. Since childhood my mother told me about the benefits of tales and stories.

I really like the works of Alexander Pushkin. Know how to write man! His creation I read with gusto and great pleasure. Each story or poem, of the poet imbued with love of country, nature. Many of his predictions have come true now, in our time. Most of all I love the verse about Lukomorye. A. S. Pushkin - a great poet, and at that time there were many.

I do not understand why people today have forgotten how to appreciate books? I read everything from the computer, but nothing beats the smell of new paper and the pleasant rustling of pages. You need to draw from literature the most important and useful. Today there are no such writers who were early. I think so. And with their creativity necessarily need to meet everyone.

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