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School composition

The book is my best friend and adviser
The book is a great companion of life, man's best friend. In it, you will definitely find a lot of clever ideas useful and interesting information on various topics. They are different: science, art, and entertainment. To make a choice will be difficult, but perhaps the main thing to find what you want, what you want to understand and understand.

In any period of your life, the book will give any answer to any question. Most importantly, do not be lazy to read and discover new. With the book left alone, she silently will be able to listen to you, give a good and time-tested advice, to distract from the sad thoughts and have to fight for your enthusiastic and interesting plot. Because of this, it will be impossible to break. 

If a person reads a lot, he becomes smarter, better educated, gain more experience and knowledge in a particular area. So, the book is a true friend, assistant and Advisor!

In my spare time I love to read. Most favorite is, of course, books about travels, about the sea, about far countries, their history and traditions. It is a scientific and artistic literature. When I read, then be sure to imagine yourself in the place of your favorite character. Experience with him the feelings and emotions that he feels throughout the book. The book is such a portal that can take you from the real world in a virtual, invented by the author. The book allows me to dream, to enjoy life, to appreciate what I have.

In books you can learn a lot: to prepare delicious meals collected from all countries; to build a beautiful home; to heal people; to learn how to give first aid; fishing. 

Very nice to spend nights reading books, especially love reading them before bed! I remember as a child my mother always read fairy tales, so I was able to quickly and well to sleep. And now I am reading books about travel, about man, about the countries, the history of the Earth. Time flies is not noticeable.

It is unfortunate that in our modern world books fade into the background. Replacing them with electronic books. But this book, in a dense and beautiful binding, illustrations, and crisp pages which brings more joy, it is much nicer to read and to take in hand. I have all my friends suggest to read the book. To explore and discover new things. I often visit bookshops and libraries, at home I have already accumulated a lot of books. A small library of great and true friends.

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