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School composition

The book is my best friend!
A book is something unusual and beautiful. But unfortunately few people like to read books, most easier to watch a movie. But not everyone understands the value of the book, its deeper meaning and how read may seem more interesting than on the screen. Books are written and read them all is simply not possible. Not all of them were known, but there are some who have made history.

A book I want to pick up several times to flip through, and some not liking. There are so many genres, so everyone can choose for yourself an interesting story. But I believe that each book is already a work of art and deserves praise. I don't have a favorite book because each of them is interesting in its own way. Tell historical past, science, teach the new, and art give you the opportunity to unleash the imagination to enter the story. Everyone chooses for himself what literary genre he likes.

Read I love and read a lot, so it's quite hard to select one favorite piece. But there are some books that after reading never forget. And after some time I want to read it. Books surround us from early childhood and accompany the whole life. They develop our sense of beauty, broaden our horizons, make with literary heroes rejoice, upset or worry. Books lift our spirits, often rescued from loneliness, help to find the way out of the situation. We are so used to them that they are part of our lives.

I read each book takes its rightful place in my mind and soul. This is the best "friend" with whom you can consult, to learn something new and to experience together. Reading detectives and fantasy genres I always imagine myself in the place of the main characters. And it becomes extremely interesting and exciting when it comes to the denouement of the plot, and you yourself are part of what is happening. 

Spending a lot of time with the book I understand that it is not only interesting and fun, but also very useful. And in addition to my school friends I have always a loyal and trusted friend - the book!

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