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School composition

Take care of our smaller brothers
Mom says that the modern world has become very cruel. All because people, probably, have forgotten how to love. They work hard, constantly thinking about their problems, and they have no time to relax. But when people are not resting, then he becomes evil and bad.

Very often, people need someone to vent his anger, and in the hands often come across animals. Those who live at home a cat or a dog, definitely, coming home from work angry, shout at them, but also can hit. Such cases are now very much. Mom said that one of our neighbor in anger threw the cat out the window of the fourth floor. He certainly is alive, and constantly comes to her under the door sits. Kitty wants to go home, but the evil woman would not let me. I don't understand how can you not love animals? These furry and affectionate creatures, more devoted which no one in the world?After all, they are for his master and will go into the fire and into the water.

In our family, not only do I love animals, but mom,dad, grandma and grandpa. From the very young age parents instilled in me the love not only to the world,but all living things that exists. So I never hurt animals, but at home I have two cats and a dog.

One cat I found on the street. Once I was walking home from school, and on the landing I heard a cat crying. I went up to the floor above to see who was there meows. And then my shoulder the top of the stairs jumped a white as snow kitten. And his eyes, you will not believe, absolutely pink. And I immediately realized that I'm not going home without him. So Anfiska and stayed to live with us. And interestingly, from the very first day he went to a potty, and the house never spoiled.

The second kitten, Gun, gave me grandmother. Although our dog also came from the street. Mom went to work, and it stuck right puppy to the house. We began to feed him, he lived on our floor, and then took to himself.

Pets - it's family members, how can they be hurt? Although often, these poor creatures are victims of human violence and bullying. They need love and care, and they will tell you the same.

I am very glad that today there different shelters and kennels for animals. Of course, the conditions for life they have there, probably not the best, but they are warm and always well fed. People, protect animals, not hurt them. These creatures are your friends, you only need to understand it.

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