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School composition

Summer day (writing-description)
An early riser in the summer sun, the touch of its rays waking up all living things, have not had time to go dew on the grass, and the fog has spread a haze over the forest edge, but now cheerfully chirping birds, welcoming a new day with new worries. Flowers unfold, and restless ants carefully build their nest, butterflies flit from flower to flower, and wild bees collect honey for their winter supplies of the future. How nice, at this time, to run in the dew on the green grass, enjoying the morning coolness.Among the thick grass hid the fragrant strawberries, and among the green pines, the first oiler.

Closer to noon it gets hot, it's sultry time of the day is better for spending at the river, to splash in its waters and sunbathe on the beach. Summer is the time of year that I love everything, especially the summer love children, it's spring break! I also like to look lying on a whimsical cloud, like the cloud like the bear, and another like a fish, it is better to do when you look through your sunglasses because the sun is very bright and blinding and hard to look impossible.

And I love laying in the hammock in the shade of cool trees, read some interesting book. Summer is the time of fruits and berries, I love berries and fruits that grow in our garden, sweet pear, raspberry, and gooseberry Victoria, it's all there in our garden. I have many friends and I love to play with my friends, we play different games, especially love soccer and volleyball, or just sit and chat on various topics.

Finally the heat is on the decline, and finally comes the cool summer evening, as pleasant and beautiful summer evening! How beautiful blazing colors of the sunset, and then you can enjoy the beauty of the infinite night sky, adorned with many silver stars and lonely the beautiful moon. In the silence of night can be heard other sounds, the chirping of grasshoppers and crickets, flowers again sleep before morning and afternoon the birds fall silent, peacefully sitting in their cozy nests.

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