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School composition

Summer day
How pleasant to Wake up early in the morning, open a window to see a bright sunrise that dazzles the eye, and realize that not necessary to go anywhere, after all, came a wonderful summer. And wish this day was over, and lasted forever. Wakes all nature. Beautiful butterflies flutter above the plants. In the blue sky flying birds, making chirping. Leaves and colorful flowers stretch to the sun, the warm rays. In the grass-hid crickets, and sing loudly. Merge all the sounds of nature, sounds everything is so harmonious, it is so relaxing and gives peace.How mysterious and beautiful nature. You can enjoy it without interruption.

For half of the day the sun is so heated that it is better to sit at home, practice business, to help my mother, or to hide in the shade with friends, and play games. You can go to the river, splash around in the water, swim on the mattress, soak up the sun and directly from the hot sun to plunge into the water.

The evening becomes less hot, the sun not so bakes, slowly going to hide and gives the right to enter upon the sky the moon. Calmly you can spend time outdoors without fear of heat, to play all the entertaining games, to ride a bike. You can get so many different games to come up with exciting that day will not be boring, summer can't be boring, because so much free time, so much fun. Good day, great mood, summer is filled with more and more positive for hours. But the opposite this day, it is the mosquitoes that bite and haunt.But even these small, biting insects can ruin a beautiful summer day, it is not. Here is a perfect day coming to an end, you need to go home, and prepares to sleep, and tomorrow is a new day, new ideas, entertainment, and want faster came the next day.

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