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School composition

The warm, luxurious time of the year is summer. It is a time of vivid emotions, from the summer to the sea of pleasure and impressions. And now it's time to relax and travel, which lasts for three months, however, as the rest of the year, but summer days special. Because it is summer so you want to enjoy a beautiful, colorful nature, when blooming colorful flowers that instantly lifts the mood. And beautiful the dandelions, all of which love to break, and just blow on them, because it's fun.Birds enjoying the warmth fly in bright blue sky, and emit the sweet singing, if you listen for a moment, then, can be absorbed into the world of beautiful, wildlife.

Summer fruits - fruits, berries, which we enriched with vitamins for the winter, we can pluck straight from the tree, which will make the day even more beautiful. Summer is such a variety of fruits and berries: raspberries, strawberries, juicy melons and watermelons, and many different Goodies. It is especially nice to help mom in the garden, tending the vegetable sprouts, we get the most delicious fruits, and then cooked food.

Sun, heat, all so attracted to plunge into the river to swim on a mattress, hang with friends, play volleyball in the water - here is a bright summer experience that will remain for a long time. And then go out with friends Cycling, warm wind in his face, how nice it is to feel. Favorite I love everything in the world is ice cream. Yes, it is available to us all year, but summer eat ice cream, it's a positive emotion, a pleasure that is necessary for each person.

Especially summer nights. You can go camping and enjoy the beautiful sunset, something to dream away from all the hustle and bustle, the sound of grasshoppers. To go to gather firewood and build a fire, sing songs under a guitar. Even you can catch fish and fry her at the stake, which will give a special taste to the fish. I love summer, lots of fun, and lots of fun!

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