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School composition

Spring forest
Essay for class 6 on a free theme "Spring forest"

If you succeed at least once to visit the forest, awakening from its winter sleep, and watch the early spring, you will be able to notice that spring is the most exciting, mysterious and wonderful sometimes! First sight seems to be not quite noticeable, as nature awakens from its winter slumber.

The trees are still naked, around the snowdrifts, it seems that nothing has changed, but the air is very different – the air feels spring-like atmosphere. Around the smell of melted snow, the smell of the coming spring. The sky is extremely bright, filling the soul with joy and ecstatic excitement. The spring sun gradually melts the winter forest air, as if protecting and sparing around all living things. The trees rushed by all their branches for the spring sun, eager to warm up after a long winter.

Slowly, and almost imperceptibly, trying to swell the buds before you open up with all its beauty young, fledgling, herbs and wild spring flowering. All life is rendered as if to a new rebirth, and now, after a deep winter sleep in the woods again will begin full-fledged active life.

In some places, snow is already almost there, and so the forests in some places submerged in water. One gets the impression that as if the earth washes after a long sleep, just barely peering out from under their snow blankets luxurious. The forest laid in wait, when the earth, as it should, warms up, and will be the start of a carefree, joyful spring days. The state of the land is still half asleep – not awake she is, but to help the upcoming spring melt water in a hurry.And finally, at the very beginning consciousness heard the sound of water, its rapid, turbulent motion and the furious joy of all the inhabitants of the forest!

All life is preparing for its new rebirth. Silence and measured winter forest now gently breaks increasing spring hissing and swarming. But, very soon, this peace and serenity "explode" a joyful and rapid flowering of forest vegetation. Filled with the chirping and buzzing of insects, clicking and whistling rodents, chirping and discordant singing awake and returning from the southern edge, birds....

Spring forest filled with magical and enchanting music of General updates and natural rebirth from the long winter sleep.

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