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School composition

My pet
I want to tell you a story about how our family once appeared small, on four legs, furry and adorable miracle kitten named Timoshik. It was summer, in the month of June, it was an incredible heat, the sun was beating down all day, and at night, the sky is gray, dark clouds and heavy rain started.

We are a family: mom, dad, me and eldest brother, sat at home, watched the news on TV. Dad before going to sleep, decided to go out on the veranda to get some fresh air and suddenly, through the rain, he heard some strange sounds. He listened and descended the porch, turned the corner of the house and saw that the cat we used to feed them, although she was wild, meows, as it calls him, constantly turning his head to the side garden.

Daddy went after the cat and what was his surprise when, in the beds between the onions and potatoes, he saw a small damp ball, which plaintively mewed. The cat came over to his child and started to lick it gently and warm. Dad couldn't stay away and took the kitten in his hands, brought into the house. The cat is also empty, do not sit her on the street in such weather, and the kitten is small, it had to be fed milk.

Mom fed the cat, and that in turn fed his kitten and they fell asleep. My brother was very happy that now in our house, there was this little miracle and asked the parents to keep the kitten, they agreed. In the morning, we found that cats are nowhere to be found, neither in the house nor near the house, has apparently run off somewhere, leaving the kitten in good hands, on education.

We were a little upset, because he himself is drinking milk another could not, a little on the legs standing, then mom began to feed him milk through pipecock. So day after day, our Timoshik, and it is the name we gave him with his brother, ate and grew. He is now three years old, he became very beautiful, big, gentle and a little brash when it comes to tasty bites. He loves meat, fish, milk, so my mom always cooks the food on it too. After all, says dad, that night, when Timoshik appeared in our house, he became a member of our family.

And yet, Timoshik loves when his stroke-especially his tummy, he purrs and smiles. If someone of you sees a stray kitten and you have the opportunity to adopt him or even just to feed, do not pass by and you will see that these little four-legged friends, answer you for your concern love and affection.

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