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School composition

My mum's day
I very much like your mother. She is the best and most remarkable. With her I fear nothing - I know my family never will give in insult and support in the most difficult moment.

My mother works in a factory. She gets up very early - at five o'clock in the morning. At this time, really want to snuggle in bed and sleep. But my dear man already in the kitchen preparing a delicious Breakfast, packing my school and dad to work, and then dressing herself. At seven o'clock mom leaves the house - she will be a tough day, she works for the crane. This work is not easy, and most importantly, he is very responsible. I know that mom is very tired, and when she comes home, trying every way to support it.In addition, the mother goes to work second shift - so she leaves the house at two in the afternoon. And she returns home only at night. Such a schedule is very hard, especially for women. Because she have a lot to do household chores, teach me lessons and much more. When mom comes home from work, I'm helping her make dinner as they can, of course. As if she wasn't tired, but dad and I always eat the most delicious dinner.

After the meal, the mother washing, Ironing, in General, trying to do maximum homework. I understand it as the weekend, too, want to relax. When done, mummy picks up the spokes and sits down to knit. It's her favorite activity. Mom says that the way she rests and relaxes. After that, she is bathed and in bed. But first, of course, she puts me to bed. I ask that she lie down with me until I fall asleep. Though I am an adult, but I really miss my mother's warmth, and I miss her madly.

On weekends the mother is resting. Dad and take on all the housework he's preparing to eat, and I clean. Mommy we love and regret, she's human too, and it is characterized by the usual fatigue. On Saturday we have the whole family try to go to rest outside the city, even in winter. Fresh air and a delicious barbecue - that's really a vacation for mom. She loves walking in the woods in any weather. Mom says especially a beautiful forest in autumn is so mysterious, and so mysterious. After the forest walk we as a family eat, grandma. Mom helps her clean up, preparing to eat.Grandmother is very old, so she can not cope with all the responsibilities. When we come home, we wash up and go to bed.

Sunday afternoon mommy spends on the couch all the time watching different TV shows, because on Monday, back to work...

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