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School composition

My mother's hands
Essay for 6th grade "mother's hands"

Mom's hands are warm, the softest hands on earth. So I think about the hands of his mother. Perhaps every child will agree with me. Everyone love their mother, and I love the most.

My mom is the best mom in the world. And her hands radiate goodness and light. When they were swaddled and rocked me. And then helped to take the first steps. They comforted me when things didn't work out. Then my mother's hand the first time I collected a briefcase to school. Mom held my hand when I was in first grade.

When I'm sick, mom will kiss me, caress. She makes me hot medicinal tea, bring drugs. Her gentle hands, apparently, know how to treat, and soon I'm getting better.

The hands of the mother workers, they do not know peace. These hands rarely rest. From morning till evening they work: at work, at home. Their good hands mom makes our family a delicious Breakfast, lunch and dinner. She cares about us not only in word but in deed. I even know the words of the song dedicated to my mother's hands: "mother's hands cradle my. The bread in his hands, that the sun shines".

We don't always appreciate all that does for us mom. Sometimes we don't listen to mother, misbehave, or forget to thank her for her concern. But a gift from mother's hands - the most expensive in the world. And we need to remember this. It is very important to thank your mother for the affection of her good hand. You can help her with the housework, his own to make a gift for her, to bring her some sweets. You can even just walk up and kiss her warm hands. And to say thankyou.

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