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School composition

Memory of grandfather
War... What a terrible thought brings the word. It stinks of death, fear, disappointment, pain, aching mother's heart. Ain't no family that was not touched by the war, leaving a sad mark in the history of our state. The victory went to our soldiers is too high a price. Many of them sacrificed his own life in order to provide us with a peaceful sky above the head. In my family, too, there is a man who went all the way to the war from its beginning to the bitter end. As you may have guessed, this is my grandfather.Unfortunately he already passed away, leaving us only fond memories of him.

His name was Semyon Vladimirovich. At the beginning of hostilities in 1941, he only joined the army. The young, handsome guy was destined to face the horror that took place within a few years. It is difficult to imagine what he felt at that moment when he said that he went to the front to defend their homeland from the Nazi invaders. Of course, like a real man, he took the news with dignity, going to the front. By happy coincidence, he was in a Panzer division.Remember the long winter evenings, he would spend hours enthusiastically tell about the time of the past. Thanks to him, I realized what fear really felt everyone who lived in the war years.

One of his favorite stories was the battle of Stalingrad, after which he was seriously wounded and was in hospital. Every his word was permeated with the pain of losing loved ones and fellow soldiers at the same time a great joy, because it is one of the few soldiers who managed to save their lives. Once in the hospital, there he met a young nurse coming in every day to dress his wound. Pretty girl, whose eyes were burning with hope, later became his wife.I am sure that it is only through their love, the great-grandfather came to Berlin, showing the world the power of the Soviet Union. Letters filled with love and hope for a speedy end to the war gave Putin the Seeds of hope.

After the war they got married. Thus began the history of our family, the head of which was a puny old man. In all his life he has seen a lot of pain and frustration, but still with dignity passed her. Now they are no longer alive, leaving to us his medals and awards, as well as pictures from those years.

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