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School composition

Little Fox
Essay for grade 6 on the theme of "Little Fox"

As always, the holidays I spent in the village with my grandparents. Here beautiful nature and long-standing friends, so the joy of my upcoming trip. Long drive passed without incident and in the distance it seemed to the old house the elderly. The meeting was pleasant and cheerful. The grandmother laid the table for tea with jam and homemade honey. Tired of the way completely overcame me and I quickly fell asleep.

As always, early in the morning, I was waiting for the local boys. We brought food and went for a walk in the woods. The air was filled with sunshine and fun are not familiar trills of birds. We crowd invaded in the midst of densely standing trees. Growing up around an impassable Bush with a suspiciously stirring branches. Then there then there was heard the crunch of treacherous under his feet and he was scary. In this situation I almost cried from the fact that quite a number move the orange ball. They turned out to be quite the little Fox. It's funny protruded to both sides, pointy ears, and a tail covered the fragile body. I gently took it in his hands and leaned against his chest. The animal shivered in the morning chill, and was glad of his warmth. Biting he had not thought, yawned, and tried to climb under his arm.

We returned home quickly to show grandpa a remarkable discovery. That only I was allowed into the house and asked him to release the Fox, who immediately huddled in the far corner. Grandma poured in a saucer of milk and put it on the floor. Together we left the room and began to watch the animals in the window. Baby suspiciously looked around and quietly approached the treat. Was drinking milk, he hastily, but carefully - it was obvious that he was lost and quite isglobal. Over time, his sunken belly was rounded, and the eyes already emit not fear, but pleasure.From the fatigue of his thin legs finely trembling and barely withstand the additional weight. Animal several times licked the liquid from the saucer and then fell into the sweet languor. His eyelids were half closed and nose buried in the fluffy tail, the Fox has held down the sleep.

After admiring the wonder boys went home and we kept busy with the Fox and stayed up all night, because he began to whine for his mother. Had early in the morning to take it to a place and leave in the woods to find the Fox. It was a pity to part with it, but grandpa said that a wild beast has nothing to do among the people. More Fox I have not seen, but the memories of this adventure for a long time we stirred.

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