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School composition

John Milton as an outstanding poet and thinker of his time
 One of the largest English poets of the 17th century was John Milton. He managed to show the events of the British bourgeois revolution very clearly and expressively. In the figure of Milton the thinker, publicist and poet joined together. As a creative personality, he was formed under the influence of the Renaissance, as well as an active political struggle, witnessed by himself.

 Milton can also be called a politician, as he directed his knowledge and talent to fight reactionary trends. In his works a sharp political theme is present, they also show the author's protest moods. He raises the idea of the struggle against tyranny and creates images of bold rebels.

 In its creative scale and breadth of giftedness, the figure of Milton is not inferior to his predecessors, who lived in the Renaissance epoch. He continued the humanistic traditions of the Renaissance and showed himself as a writer who sympathized with the enlightening ideas. Milton had a very good education, so in his work, he could rely on the latest achievements of philosophy and science. It is not surprising that he won fame not only as a poet but also as a scientist.

 In his heritage, there are works created in different genres and in different languages. His career can be divided into periods that coincide with important stages of English history.

 Poet hardly survived the collapse of the Republic and the Restoration of royal power. The king ordered to burn Milton`s pamphlets Eikonoklastes (1649) and Pro Populo Anglicano Defensio (1650), the author was subjected to severe persecution. Despite this, Milton continued his literary activity. Its main themes were the revolution and the struggle with the monarch's power. In the last period of his literary career, coinciding with the Restoration, he created his largest works. They were the poems Paradise Lost (1667), Paradise Regained (1671), and the dramatic poem Samson Agonistes (1671).

 They are filled with rebellious moods of the revolutionary part of English Puritans. Using biblical subjects, Milton was able to interpret them from the point of view of political struggle that was taking place in his time. Poem Paradise Lost became a bold protest against the reactionary ideology. Biblical motifs are used in it to convey revolutionary sentiments. The rebellion of the Satan against the almighty God symbolizes the acute conflict that took place in the poet`s time. The puritanical convictions of Milton came here into contradiction with his revolutionary aspirations. Rules of religion required obedience to the divine will, and revolutionary views called for fighting against despotism.

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