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School composition

In the woods
I love the woods, especially especially in early autumn, when it's not hot, but absolutely no room to cold and wind. Even the sun shines in the sky, but the air is fresh and clean. The autumn season, in my opinion, the most charming and beautiful. Many say that autumn is a sad time of the year, but I can argue with that. They just might not have been in the autumn forest. During this period, it is particularly mysterious.

Autumn forest is a beautiful and vivid tale, which will not want to leave. At this point, the trees are very much starting to change, and transformed beyond recognition. Now on the branches you can see the slightly yellowed leaves, which Shine Golden color in the sun. Some bushes that grow in clearings, you can only see the red leaves. I really don't remember how they are called, but can look at them for hours. This color just animates everything around, and for a moment forget that it's fall. Yes no which only flowers in autumn forest!And green and orange and yellow - all colors of the rainbow, so to speak.

Early fall forest cover also acquires certain shades. In addition, at this time there are mushrooms, which are the main forest decoration. I really like to collect mushrooms, so I every weekend I ask my parents to go for mushrooms. Each mushroom is beautiful, and I sometimes even pity to cut it off. Then I just admire it and move on. And around is so beautiful, heard the beautiful singing of birds. And it feels sad that they will soon be flying to warmer climes, and in the woods until the spring will be dead silence.Unless the wind a sudden gust stir their leaves, and you can hear the sibilant whisper of the trees. At this point it begins to seem that they are talking, too, but only in their forest language. I rise in the sky the eyes, and the trees showering me with leaves. In autumn, the leaves loose, so the slightest breeze can tear them from the branches.

Autumn in the forest confusion reigns. All the animals are preparing for winter and everyone has their own concerns - someone who strengthens your mink, someone's den, and some are already starting to prepare for winter food. 

I walk in the woods in the fall is very soothing, gives a feeling of easy warmth and incredible beauty. It is time mushrooms, rain and wind like a caterpillar, which in the spring will become for all people a bright and beautiful butterfly. In General, the forest is beautiful at any time of the year, and I love all of his Transfiguration.

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