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School composition

If I was left alone on a desert island...
We all remember the story of Robinson Crusoe, which because of the ship's sinking were stranded on a desert island. Probably everyone at least for a moment, but thought about what he would do if it happened to him too. Here and I wanted some to dream about it.

What I would do if he found himself on a desert island? What would I have experienced? The truth is, sometimes I have this desire to find yourself on a distant island. I am very much fond of plants, their various varieties and I think that the magnificence of the unknown flora I would just fascinated! But let's face it - we can meet and carnivores among the animal world, and among the vegetable! The new island is not just entertainment. This is a unique bioculture that has developed here is adapted to the natural conditions of the island. You can get into life-threatening conditions and no one can save you. And how can that be with food, because you can eat something right?! You have to learn to hunt and fish, but if you have no idea about it, then what to do? It is worth remembering that the island is in the ocean and around salt water. Where to find fresh and suitable for drinking water? How not to get lost in the jungle and find the way back? On a desert island and forget about the basic sanitary conditions - no shower, soap, no toothpaste.In General, to go on this journey you only need acquiring the necessary skills of shooting, fishing, go through the school of extreme survival. It would be necessary minor adaptations, such as ropes, knives, axes, tents. And to take with them necessary items for hygiene and life.

But, actually, this is not like an adventure and more like a planned visit. Let's look at Robinson Crusoe. Because he suddenly found himself on the island and had to survive in the circumstances. I admire him! He was able not only discouraged, but also to adapt to the world around him, learned important survival skills without any help. Robinson was able to overcome loneliness and hunger. He just really wanted to live.

I think in his place I, too, tried to survive and overcome all fears. Of course it's very hard, but for the sake of his own life is worth to try. Life is not casual and should be very appreciate and cherish it, the more that humanity was able to live in the stone age and cold. And now look at us - we are the masters of the planet!

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