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School composition

I once lost
I just love parents ride in the woods! He's so powerful, and so mysterious! Especially I like forest in autumn. At this time of the year, by the way, very easy to get lost, that one day with me and happened.

One autumn day I with my parents went to pick mushrooms. It was early Sunday morning when the sun still hid behind the horizon, and the street was dominated by the mysterious twilight. For mushrooms, we drive on the machine, and this time was no exception. Once we reached the destination, I immediately began to unload with baskets - mom, dad, and grandma. Since my parents are madly in love walking in the autumn forest, they somehow quickly disappeared from view. Grandma was behind me. And then, on the right side I saw a clearing with mushrooms!Without thinking, I ran to this place and began to collect his find. I was so excited that even didn't notice how behind their home. But I really came across a gorgeous meadow with mushrooms and couldn't stop. But in that moment, when the mushrooms around me was over, I looked around and realized I was lost. It was then that I became really scared!

To stay in the autumn forest when it is covered with twilight, and still not soon among the trees appear the rays of the sun is quite unpleasant, even dangerous, I tell you. I instantly broke out in a sweat, and realized I went too far. There were no grandparents, no parents. But I immediately took himself in hand, and began to seek a way out of the situation. I instantly remembered that I need to go back and then go left, and then I will come to that place where there is our car. But there it was! I was wrong! Don't even know how many times I walked in circles, but never got on the road.And then, at one point I heard a near him awesome and evil growling - it was a Fox, I think she wanted to eat me. Without thinking, I pulled out of the backpack, which was hanging behind me, a piece of bread and threw it to the Fox. You will not believe it, she looked at me, then at the bread, grabbed it in its mouth and ran away! I would have never thought that the Fox eats the bread! That's what she was hungry! And at this point I started running without looking back. Don't know how much time passed, but I finally ran to our car, which was already a mother, father and grandmother.They all stood in tears, and I saw it immediately became happy. I told them about his meeting in the woods, and we decided that will come for the mushrooms another time. The important thing is that now the whole family is here, and you can go home.

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