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School composition

I helped a neighbor
Together with my parents I live in a city, in a large and spacious apartment. We moved here recently, but have settled down, and became acquainted with our neighbors.

Across the hall from us lives a young family - aunt Kate, uncle Mike and their daughter Svetlana. Our parents quickly became friends, and we with Sveta too, became inseparable. It is very convenient to be friends and live side by side. We go to each other's homes at any time, and my parents are sitting with the Light, and Vice versa, her with me when I need it.

Besides them, our roommate is grandma Mary. She's too old, she is seventy years old. The children of our neighbor live very far away - as many as in Azerbaijan, but because the grandmother sees them rarely. She's alone all the time, but because I often check on her. It happens that I go to her to buy bread, or something else of the products.

One day when I came home from school, parents weren't home. Very often I stand alone - I'm used to it. I ate, learned the lessons and decided to visit grandma Mary. As soon as I approached her door, I noticed that it's not locked. Then I realized that there is clearly something wrong. Quietly I opened the door and looked into the apartment - it was empty, and stood eerily quiet. I finally gathered the courage and decided to see what happened. Stealthily on tiptoe, I snuck into the guest room. Here everything was as usual, only my grandmother was lying on the couch and didn't move.My body trembled in apprehension, I really became scared and I thought that a neighbor died. I started screaming, calling for help, but nobody came. And then I remembered that you can also call an ambulance, which I immediately did. When the doctors arrived, grandma Mary did a shot of something, and carried on a stretcher. Thank God that she was alive. The nurses said if I was late for a few minutes, the patient would not have saved - she had a heart attack. The doctor praised me and said that I was the one who helped my grandmother to survive. Of course I was embarrassed, but was proud of it.

A month later a neighbor was released from the hospital. Her met no one, but my mom person is not left in the lurch. Before her arrival home, mom baked a lot of pies with different fillings, cooked dinner and cleaned up an old woman in the apartment. When she came back, hugged us and kissed him. It was nice to hear that grandma Mary said we are the most close and native people, but we're just roommates. Then we all sat down to eat, and a neighbor began a long story about how hard she had in the hospital...

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