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School composition

How I learned to swim
Childhood memories - they are the most vivid and interesting. This period of life, we often remember and want for a moment to become young again. I think you will agree that in childhood everything seems so particularly important. Playing the game, we are able to travel in my imagination to a distant galaxy, defeat formidable enemies, save princesses and become super heroes.
Every summer in my childhood near my sister sent for a week to visit my grandmother. We are very happy, because our grandmother lived near the river and canal. We lived with parents in areas where there was no water. For this each visit to a us marked the journey to the Kingdom of Neptune. Flopping in the water, we were like mermaids that could swim well. But actually neither I nor my sister could not do it. And so I wanted to learn. Let us flounder just for the small fry, where you had to train your skills.Supporting each other, we tried to swim. It is difficult, but we still liked to hold in the water a long time. In short, after some time, swimming skills are still there, and we learned to swim a few meters! Yay! It was our special win. Now you can learn to jump from the bridge. Many children already knew how to do it. Of course we wanted to bring home to brag to parents about such important achievements. In General, we decided to try it. The spot were our adult friends who literally grew up on the water and able to swim chic.Climbing the steps to the bridge, I have a hamstring shaking. Scary to do something for the first time! But we must take risks and then succeed, at least want to believe in it. My sister got scared and were only able to climb and stand on the bridge. It has not been condemned, because she was younger and much more fragile. When the time comes, she will dare to do it. And yet, even climb up to the bridge is a great achievement.
In General, I should lead by example and not coward. It was complicated, because I, too, was shaking his legs before the jump. And here it is, this important and critical moment. Breath and jump! I fly in flight to the water. That time seemed so long, but actually less than a second. Diving under the water, the first thought that flashed my mind was to float to the surface of the water. I did it! The first time I sang this difficult and important jump. Now it was much easier to repeat the work. So I learned my sister to swim.

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