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School composition

How do I help my mom
Essay on "How I help my mother", 6-th class

We all know that mothers have a great responsibility and a lot of work. They raise their children, treat them, wash, clean, cook a delicious meal. In addition, working mothers, and doing many important things. If all of this is to charge them fully, then they will have time to rest and they are completely exhausted. To avoid this, beloved mothers should always help.

The minimum that we can do for mom is to clean up after themselves. For a start try to wash the dishes after a meal. Don't leave dirty shoes at the doorstep and clean it and place it in the right place. Woke up for school in the morning - cover the bed properly. Came home from school - do the cleaning at least in his bedroom. Pro shops and say nothing - do not be lazy to go get bread or other small purchase. It all seems a trifle, but mum will be pleased to have an in-house assistant in the person of a son or daughter.Want to get things done so that mom could rest a bit while you're doing chores around the house.

I am in sixth grade and can slightly help my mom at the stove. For example, I like to peel potatoes, but the evil has to cut the onions with tears. Recently I roasted potatoes for dinner. Mom came home from work and surprised the village over the already laid table. She then wanted to check my lessons, but everything was ready. Then she hugged me and thanked for my helpfulness and kindness. I also was pleased by such praise, and together we began to watch TV. Mom even took a NAP, and then cheerfully went again to his work.No doubt she praised her daughter to colleagues. And she will work better, as has saved a lot of effort for labor.

We also have a summer cottage, where we the whole family to look after. Dad there in the spring, digging the land, renovating and doing other adult things. He is very sorry that I have no brother who could help him. But my mom and equips the everyday life at the cottage and doing all around great. Our care beds with cucumbers and tomatoes, flower beds with beautiful flowers. And here I try to put a part of his work, to little to give family to relax in nature under the gentle sun.

I love to help my mom, because she has more time for me. We often walk together in the Park, learn to knit beautiful patterns and watch TV. Take care of mom!

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