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School composition

How do I help mom around the house
Essay on "How I help my mother at home," 6 th grade

We have a big and friendly family. Each of us has a circle of their duties and chores.

All the hard work on the farm performs dad. It is very hard when he goes away on business trips. Since then his work has to do with us. However, some of dad's things we're not even trying to do, understand that we are not.

My brother is always trying to help dad. He also not be lazy to vacuum every day walking the dog. Me or mom doesn't have time to engage in walking our family pet.

My mother, mainly should do the cooking food and, of course, clean the apartment, also our concern.

Usually Breakfast my mom makes herself. For lunch we usually eat what is left from dinner. After all, parents at work, brother at school, so no one to cook dinner.

As for school, I go back before mom work most of the preparation of the dinner falls on my shoulders. Usually my mother and I talk on the phone about what's for dinner. Basically I have time to cook a side dish and even make some delicious salad. When it comes to mom we bake meat or fish. When the mother is very tired at work, we just boil my sausage garnish. Still turns out very tasty.

If dinner is scheduled soup, to the mother's arrival I was peeling potatoes and other vegetables. Of course, I myself can cook a full-fledged soup, but mom, why do I matter is still not trusted. And I want to help her, because I know at work, the mother spends a lot of energy.

The arrival of the parents I try to make the apartment was perfectly clean. Brother vacuuming around the house. He likes this case. And dusting, Ironing washed linen. Remove things that are not in their places. Be sure to water the flowers, which we very much. Because my mother loves them very much. Sometimes dad even swears, tells so many plants that quietly walk through the apartment.

My mom is very happy that she had such helpers. Parents have often praised. And I would like more to help my mom. Because I love to cook.

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