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School composition

Housing my friend
Essay for grade 6 on the theme "Housing is my girlfriend"

We Alenka, my friend, talk for a very long time. Not only that - we're in the same class. I regularly visit her house. Three-room apartment parents gave her a private room, where she independently picked up the layout and design of the room. That's why I like coming to her because she is in the area comfortably and safely.

Alenina room is modest and bright, neat and clean. Furniture it is the most common, but arranged it was particularly tasteful. Near the window is a small writing table for making assignments, and beside him stand two chairs. On the table is a modest vase with pens and markers, photo in decorative frame, some notebooks and a stack of books. Next to the front door is a sewing machine. Alenka often deals with pattern clothes, so this tool is present in its housing.From the first grade my friend excitedly took up modelling assignments and her test subjects became puppets and dolls. In the older grades to Alena started to turn dark and we - her friends. Stitched her dresses and trousers sat on us like a glove and displayed the latest trends of fashion.

Near the wall opposite the sewing machines, stands the impressive size sofa bed. Sleeper is covered with bright blue cloth, which immediately attracts attention. On a sofa comfortable favorite doll Alenka, which is for my girlfriend only top model. To play with dolls she stopped for a long time, but to sew them outfits still. In the right corner of the room perched vintage bookcase. Its shelves and white napkins with embroidery, on top which there are many interesting books. I and all the friends of Alyona with interest them all read. In addition, here lies the main value of my girlfriend - her photo album. She appreciatesit and shows everyone, unobtrusively telling the story of each picture.

In the left corner is a wardrobe. On the floor was stretched a dark purple rug with an interesting pattern. He was the main witness to the talents of a friend - it often Alyona lays out and cuts their own patterns. Windows in rooms are highlighted in blue, prozrachnejshej blinds. All housing reflects the character of the mistress and meets her needs. So it's so comfortable, conveniently and freely.

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