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School composition

Homer's "Iliad" is an epic work
In the works of Homer felt an infinite space of words, is an immersion into the richness of the language.

In this essay I want to tell you about the novel Homer's "Iliad" and also about the main character of the Iliad – Odyssey.

"The Iliad", the oldest written monument of the literature of Ancient Greece (IX – VIII century BC). The novel "the Iliad" the whole world knows. He began to have a deafening success with his appearance. And then not lost its glory, forgotten readers. "Iliad" is alive to this day.

"The Iliad" – Homer's historical novel (to the novel "the Iliad" was the idea to write a historical short story of the same name). In this novel human passions affect the lives of the ancient Greek society. Using the means of expressiveness of the speech here recreates the look of different characters. Anger, cruelty, ambition, pursuit of glory there is the contrast between the goodness, humanity and valor.

Why the Iliad is considered an epic work? Because the Homer in this novel depicts human nature and its tests, reproduces the peculiarities and customs of the ancient Greeks.

The protagonist of this work – Odissey. In his life there are several circles, is extremely important to him, civil ideals. Is the circle of family (love of country, home, family ties) and circle of friends.

The main character of this piece can withstand all kinds of obstacles, turbulence in the warmth of the family, conjugal fidelity. He is the wise, the brave, eloquent warrior. What is important about his journeys and adventures – the desire for knowledge of the unknown. Odyssey – curious man who wants to reveal the secrets of the world, mysterious and unknown to him, and look to the future, having been in the other world, "the realm of" common prosperity, prosperity, social justice.

What created the effect of authenticity depicted in the Iliad?

- Precision parts.

Heartfelt drama of the events described.

Fixed epithets (meaning relevant, emotional, expressive epithets, recreating the circumstances).

Teenagers reading this novel with the same excitement as his reading of their ancestors. Read the Iliad can see the reality of the events described in it.

For me, this novel Homer — an inexhaustible source of knowledge. I open it all the new pages, touches the secret strings of my soul.

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