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School composition

Greek myths (Aphrodite and Pygmalion)
Aphrodite and Pygmalion

The word "myth" comes from ancient Greece and means "a word of advice, rumour, legend". From century to century, from mouth to mouth passed the myths in which historical acts are intertwined with the fairy tale, invented, fantastic. People perceived them as valid, true stories occurring before the events. But flying century, development of science and nowadays they are perceived as stories about what actually could not be. One of such myths to our times, and realized the myth of Aphrodite and Pygmalion.

Aphrodite born from the foam of the sea not far from the island of Cyprus and was the daughter of Uranus. There she met the goddess of love and grace Ora and the Charity. They dressed her in a gold embroidered garment and was elevated to Olympus. And where were Aphrodite, bloomed bright flowers and the air was filled with their fragrance. Since then Aphrodite brings love and happiness to all those who it is true. One of them was Pygmalion. He lived alone, hated women, and therefore avoiding marriage. Once he made the ivory statue of a girl so beautiful that he fell in love with her.This beauty stood at his Studio and he was all the time she seemed here-here will begin to breathe, to walk, to talk. He spent hours admiring its extraordinary beauty, adorned her with precious bracelets and earrings, dressed in luxurious clothes, fragrant flowers and herbs, weaving her wreaths.

How many times standing in front of her knees, he whispered: "How happy I would be if you suddenly came alive and responded to my words!". But the statue remained only the statue.

Once in the days of celebration in honor of Aphrodite Pygmalion sacrificed to the goddess of love white heifer with gilded horns. The goddess stretched out his hands, he prayed:

- Oh, eternal gods, and you're Golden Aphrodite! You can give it to someone else who prays to you! Indulge me in my prayer! Give my wife the same beautiful, like the statue that I made myself.

He feared the wrath of the gods to revive the statue. But suddenly, before the image of Aphrodite flashed a bright sacrificial flame, Aphrodite heard his prayer!

When Pygmalion returned home, he went to the statue and saw that she was alive. He heard her heart beating and saw in his eyes the light of life.

So the goddess of love Aphrodite Pygmalion responded to his prayers by giving him a beautiful wife. Since centuries artists and sculptors in all genres of their works glorify the myth of Pygmalion and his beautiful statue, Galatea, come to life because of his love.

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