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School composition

Grandma's pies
It's good when near you are dear to your heart. I'm sorry, this can not boast. Not so long ago from my favorite person, my grandmother. Recently, mom asked me a question, what associations pop up in my head when I think of her. The answer surprised her. The first thing I remember is wind cherry pies. At first glance, this may seem strange, but not for my family. These memories are too many things that have happened to me in childhood.

Remember start of the summer holidays, I am three months left in the village. For me, it was the best vacation than a trip to the sea or camping trip. Beautiful nature and a river not far from home pulled me to the village unseen force. On arrival in the village, grandma always greeted me with cherry pies. They had not passed the taste, impossible to forget. Alas, I won't be able to enjoy delicious pies, because they went along with my grandmother. And mom, no matter how trying to bake the same, but it didn't work.Probably, in those pies grandma put all his skills and soul, kneading dough by a special recipe.

The time spent in the village, I will not forget nor when. I often remember waking up early in the morning, drank milk and went to tear the grass. You may ask why I did it? The answer is elementary simple. In the yard, grandma kept a lot of ducks, geese, chickens, and cells lived in small rabbits. How I loved to feed them. I knew that only depends on me, their continued existence. By lunchtime, when the street was rising scorching sun, I was with my grandmother often went to the pasture to milk the cow. She did it so professionally that all I had to admire her skill.In the evening, when the street was cool, we went to the garden, cut grass, Spud potatoes, watered the tomatoes and other vegetables. So passed each day in the village. Undoubtedly, life in the village requires a lot of effort, but believe me, for the rest I also found time. Often went swimming at the river, where with friends, hands collected crayfish and fished. Bring a dozen carp home and their grandma will cook and serve for dinner.

Memories from the village, suggest to me only the good thoughts. How do you want to plunge into the atmosphere, eat cherry pies, drink a Cup of fresh milk and to help his grandmother cope with the household chores.

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