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School composition

Good woman's heart
6th grade. An essay on the topic: "Good woman's heart (writing-a story with elements of reasoning)"

Woman. How much of deep meaning and extraordinary mystery into this simple word. Who is she? What should be a real woman? When the little girl becomes truly wise and gentle woman? We see the depth of these issues, because for everyone is the concept behind them some special meaning.

Someone thinks that this is the one who knows how to farm well, fine cooking, and cleaning. For someone - a real one who bore his children and knows them well to educate. And someone thinks that a true woman should only dress nicely, take care of themselves, to go to expensive spas. But in today's world a woman should incorporate all these aspects. Her everyday life is so saturated that time to rest is almost gone. It simply has to be a super mom and a great wife, a great hostess and chef in the kitchen.Let's not forget the fact that the woman must still go to work, where you have to become an indispensable employee. Here it is - a modern woman. As you look at it, just want to ask: "And from where she still forces to any hobby?"

I once told a story about one amazing personality. In a stairwell somewhere on the second floor lived a woman. Her heart was very pure and gentle. She could be very sympathetic and caring. Her attention fell sick outdoor cats and cats. She watched them suffer and suffer without care in this concrete jungle. Not long hesitating, the woman decided to help them. The task it set itself was wooing sick animals. She fed them at his own expense, warmed in his apartment and brought them in divine form.But you understand that it is not possible to accommodate all the animals in one small room.

Further, it was decided to look for good owners for each pet. The woman gave them one after the other in a good family, who also happen to love the poor animal. Came even before that she bought cat food and gave little to those who have sold market animals. They agreed to try to give the fuzzies in good hands. I think she deserves great respect from others. In fact, I would very much like to help homeless animals, but my Pets against - not necessary here to make a farce.This is the sweet and sensitive to other people's troubles a woman I really admire.

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